September 27th, 2021

Embraer Legacy 450/500 VS Praetor 500/600

The Embraer Legacy 450 & 500 series of midsize jets has proven to be a favorite amongst passengers and pilots. Its praised economic performance, premium interior comforts and advanced safety features have made Embraer look for even better ways to improve. Embraer has pushed the envelope with these upgrades to get as much as possible out of the incredible design. This has led to the Praetor 500 & 600. Simply put, the Praetor 500 is an upgraded version of the Legacy 450 and the larger Praetor 600 is an upgraded version of the Legacy 500.

The upgrades span from cockpit electronics (avionics) improvements, slight airframe adjustments, an upgraded interior and finding ingenious ways to boost range via aerodynamic upgrades and more fuel space. Although the Praetor 500 & 600 can be bought new straight from an Embraer dealership, Embraer has created a conversion program that allows operators who currently have Legacy 450 & 500 aircraft to be upgraded. The easiest way to tell the difference visually is the addition of winglets (small vertical wings at the edge of the wings) on the Praetor 500 & 600. To help our discerning customers understand the difference and value they will get as a result of this upgrade we created a simple table that shows what performance improvements are made on each aircraft.


Aircraft Legacy 450 → Praetor 500 Legacy 500 → Praetor 600
Passenger Capacity 7-9 7-9 8-12 8-12
Range 2,900 Nautical Miles 3,340 Nautical Miles 3,125 Nautical Miles 4,018 Nautical Miles
Fuel Capacity 10,939 Pounds 13,050 Pounds 13,050 Pounds 16,140 Pounds
Takeoff Distance 3,907 Feet 4,222 Feet 4,084 Feet 4,436 Feet
Landing Distance 2,090 Feet 2,086 Feet 2,122 Feet 2,270 Feet
Cabin Altitude 6000 Feet 5,800 Feet 6000 Feet 5,800 Feet
Max Takeoff Weight 35,759 Pounds 37,567 Pounds 38,360 Pounds 42,858 Pounds
Max Payload 2,921 Pounds 2,921 Pounds 2,800 Pounds 3,300 Pounds


As noted in a previous article titled “The Praetor 500 Advantage” we can see that flight range, takeoff weight and fuel capacity are improved. Further improvements extend to the flight deck and passenger interior. A new synthetic vision system with a flight guidance system is installed which essentially allows pilots to fly safely to a lower height during approaches in cloudy weather. This provides more flexibility and airport options for the customer.

For interior and cabin comfort, a turbulence reduction system is installed which makes the ride smoother for passengers. Cabin altitude is also reduced which results in a more comfortable and rested feeling for passengers. Additionally, the upgraded interior uses carbon fiber for certain elements like the tables and there are stone accents used in the galley. The seating stitch is changed and a new carpet design and material are installed also.

With a longer range, upgraded flight deck systems and improved cabin comfort the Praetor 500 grows on an already greatly performing and popular midsize business jet. We hope that this provides more clarity on the difference between the Legacy and Praetor series offers. Contact us for more information, we will be glad to help you choose an appropriate aircraft for your next trip.




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