August 19th, 2021

Flying Private With Your Pet: Benefits, Tips & Important Points

For most people, a pet is more than just an animal that lives with them. A pet is a loved and cared for part of the family. Pets show us love when we are most down and provide us with instant joy and affection. With this in mind, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ pets are comfortable, safe and properly taken care of when flying with us. 


Flying for some pets can be upsetting, especially when on regular commercial flights. Here are benefits to your pets when flying privately, also here are several helpful tips and points to remember when preparing to fly with your pet. 


Benefits when flying with pets privately:

  • More attention can be given to your pet
  • There is more space and pets can roam the cabin during cruise
  • Your pet will not be under a cramped seat or in a cargo hold
  • Multiple pets can be brought on board
  • Your pet will experience more comfort
  • There are no weight restrictions
  • You can request “pet meals” for a flight just like catering


Tips for flying with your pet:

  • Ensure that your pet is relieved before getting on board
  • You should not give them water 1-2 hours before the flight so that they will not need to pee
  • Take them for a walk or exercise prior to and after flying to help them be at ease
  • Bring their favorite toys to help eliminate any stress that they may feel when flying


Important points to remember:

  • Domestic pets must be at least 8 weeks old before flying
  • Pets must be fully weaned and in good health
  • Pets flying internationally will require pet passports and vaccines


As a leader in private aviation, we recognize that providing bespoke service for your pet is just as important as providing it for the rest of your family. Our team is ready, willing and available to assist you in ensuring that your pet has everything it needs to travel in safety and complete comfort. Contact Gold Aviation’s customer service team to plan your next trip with your pet.

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