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The maintenance and logistics of aircraft ownership are time-consuming. This is why Gold Aviation is the ultimate one-stop partner. Feel comfortable knowing we provide experienced and highly-trained pilots. Our experienced Director of Maintenance along with technicians keep detailed maintenance records, track, manage and forecast expenses, keep the aircraft looking brand new and more. We also stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in hardware, software and flight personnel.

With Gold as your service partner, you enjoy unparalleled peace of mind as both a jet-owner and a private traveler.


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Private Aircraft Management

Having an aircraft available at your convenience is one of the top benefits of jet-ownership. Our friendly and professional team of flight coordinators are available to handle all travel requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Beyond operational logistics, we take the stress out of aircraft management with a full suite of turnkey services:

Coordinate all trip and aircraft needs 24/7, including detailed itineraries, scheduling, dispatch and flight follow, fuel price negotiations, FBO, etc.
Maintain peak proficiency minimize down time via highly trained professional pilots.
Stay current on all FAA information, parts, invoices, AD notes and bulletins necessary to safely operate your aircraft.
Arrange and negotiate pricing for maintenance projects such as interior and exterior refurbishments, avionics updates, etc.
Provide up-to-date charts and subscription services.
Maintain aircraft appearance through cleaning and detailing with approved vendors.
Provide insurance on our fleet policy as requested.
Detailed Monthly Management Reports provide owners with the peace of mind.


Our highly qualified maintenance staff, which includes both air-frame and power plant mechanics, provide cost-efficient expert services. From simple fluid changes to complete interior upgrades, we keep your aircraft running like new while also offering ways to reduce your long-term costs. Leave the upkeep to us, so you can be free to enjoy the upside of owning an aircraft.


Our robust technical facilities and comprehensive services are available 24 hours a day. Quotes for all services can be supplied on a flat rate or on a time and material basis. Services include:



Private Jet & Aircraft Management

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