January 22nd, 2021

The Praetor 500 Advantage

The Embraer Legacy 450 is a remarkable mid-size jet that has become very popular for private jet travelers. It showcases a unique blend of technology, design and comfort that few other mid-size jets rival. Recently, the manufacturer Embraer has started converting Legacy 450 jets to Praetor 500 jets. The upgrade offers many improvements to an already customer favorite.

The most notable improvement is an upgrade in aircraft range from 2,900 nautical miles to 3,340 nautical miles. This enables the Praetor 500 to have intercontinental range, becoming the fastest and farthest flying mid-size jet. The upgrade will allow passengers to fly nonstop from each corner of North America saving time and shortening the journey. Flights such as New York to Los Angeles can be accomplished with ease. Embraer accomplished this great increase in range by reinforcing the wings to hold additional weight, moving the fueling port and fuel measuring system and changing the sensors for the fuel tanks. Great care and expertise went into upgrading range giving passengers more flexibility and options.

Upgraded flight deck systems are also installed allowing a synthetic guidance vision system. The head-up display combines synthetic and enhanced vision. The Praetor 500 is the only mid-size business jet with full fly-by-wire flight controls and a turbulence reduction capability. This greatly increases flight safety, comfort and gives more situational awareness to pilots.

Additionally, cabin and comfort upgrades were made. The Praetor 500 is the only mid-size jet business jet with a six-foot-high ceiling in the cabin. A cabin in which passengers can fully stand up is always a plus. Comfort upgrades give a stone flat-floor cabin and a galley with running water. Still including the standard lavatory and biggest baggage space of any mid-size jet. Furthermore, to enhance cabin cleanliness a standard HEPA air filter and the MicroShield 360 cleaning solution are added. Given the current times and its impact on health and safety, these sanitary upgrades will make the cabin environment much safer for passengers. The cabin altitude stays at 5,800 feet even if the aircraft is at 45,000 feet, allowing passengers to arrive well-rested without any fatigue. Finally, a turbulence reduction system and super quiet cabin complete the cabin upgrades and give passengers unprecedented comfort for this class of business jet. 

These upgrades greatly improve an already favorite mid-size business jet. The experience of the passenger is vastly more pleasurable and practical. The longer range gives passengers much more options in destinations without making a stop. On the other hand, increased comfort and cabin safety make the environment safer and less risky for those traveling given the impact of COVID.

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