November 11th, 2021

A First Time Flyer’s Guide To Private Jets

Flying on a private jet is a very rewarding experience with many benefits and is very different from flying commercial. The first time flying on a private jet can be exciting and can also be very surprising. To help prepare you for this experience we have made this short but informative guide on reasons to fly private and tips on what to consider and expect.


First off, the main reasons you may choose to fly by private jet are the following:

  • Time Flexibility – When you fly privately, you can choose your own schedule, save time, and not have to worry about checking in and long TSA lines.
  • More Airport Choices – Private jets can operate from smaller, less busy airports allowing you to arrive closer to your final destination.
  • More Comfort and Privacy – You can pick the aircraft you want, only fly with people you choose, and enjoy VIP level cabin comforts with plush fully-reclining seats, catering, and the ability to fly with your pets.


With these reasons in mind, it is important to be prepared and understand what to expect. Here are several tips to consider when you are going to fly on a private jet.

  1. Deciding which aircraft is right for you. Be sure to consider how many are in your group, how many bags you are carrying, if you want a large or small aircraft, and how far you want to go. A quick chat with our charter specialists will help you choose the right aircraft for you. You can find details about our aircraft sizes, range, and contact info here.
  2. Do you want to carry pets? Traveling by private jet makes it very easy to carry your precious pets with you. Your pet will be more comfortable and at ease when they can be in the cabin of a private jet with you. Just be sure your pet is in good health and that they have their pet passport and vaccines when flying internationally. You can find more information on flying with your pet here.
  3. Finding the private terminal or FBO. Private flights usually leave from a private terminal separate from the commercial airlines. This type of terminal is typically called an FBO (fixed-base operator). Make sure you know where the FBO is at the airport that you are flying out of. It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes before flight time for domestic travel. 30 minutes is recommended for international travel so that flight crews can ensure all international paperwork is satisfactory. FBOs typically have many amenities, are uncrowded, and do not have TSA, making it a very comfortable place for the short wait until you board your flight.
  4. Baggage considerations. There are no baggage limits on private jets. However, not all private jets are equal and space could be limited depending on the aircraft type. There will be no baggage claim, your baggage will be awaiting you after arrival. 
  5. Opportunity to speak with the flight crew. Due to the nature of private flying, you will be in close proximity to your flight crew and often will be able to meet them in person prior to the flight. Be sure to listen carefully to your flight crew and feel free to ask questions or make requests. You should expect a safety briefing about the flight and if able you may get the opportunity to visit the flight deck during the flight. 
  6. Ground transportation. Should you require private ground transportation directly to the aircraft or transportation to your final destination at arrival be sure to check with the FBO. This can save you extra time and make the whole travel experience more comfortable. 


Preparing to fly on a private jet is like flying in a 5-star hotel. With Gold Aviation the whole process is simple. We have private jets of many sizes and comforts to suit your specific needs. It will be an experience that you will want to have again and again. Contact Gold Aviation’s charter specialists here for assistance in booking the right aircraft and designing the ideal trip for you.

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