December 16th, 2021

Top Reasons to Fly Private in 2022

Commercial air travel has come a long way, however there are many aspects that make it unbearable. For many people the thought of commercial air travel feels like a tedious process and often brings stress. Flying privately essentially solves all the problems of commercial air travel and provides a more smooth, comfortable, safe and efficient flying experience. Here are the top reasons to fly private.

Access to More Airports

Commercial airlines are very rigid in terms of what airports they fly to. Also, commercial airliners typically need longer runways which limit them to bigger and busier airports. Private aircraft can utilize shorter runways at smaller less busy airports. When choosing to fly private you have access to many more airports bringing you closer to your chosen final destination. 

Security and Privacy

Flying private also provides a more secure and discreet environment. You can choose who you want on the flight with you and discuss what you wish without the concern of who is listening. If you desire, you can also have meetings on the aircraft. Our jets are even equipped with secure WiFi networks that will allow you to communicate with the outside world. Flying private is the best way to experience privacy and security while traveling.

Private Terminals

Private aircrafts depart and arrive at private terminals. These private terminals are usually called fixed base operators (FBO). The FBO caters to the private traveller in that it is often a comfortable environment with lots of sitting areas, refreshments, communications and ground transportation services. Since it is not in a typical terminal there are also no long lines for security screening.

Flexibility and comfort

Possibly the biggest reason most people choose to fly private is the incredible flexibility in when you want to travel and where you want to go. Once you arrive at the airport you can expect to be on the jet within 15-30 minutes and, in some cases, be driven right up to the jet. Also, private jet cabins are built with superior comfort in mind. You will arrive at your destination much more rested. Furthermore, your pet can be easily brought along too, giving them a much more comfortable trip. Catering can even be requested should you and your party decide to want food and refreshments on board.

Gold Aviation has been providing exceptional private aircraft to our customers for nearly 25 years. We have a diverse selection of aircraft continuously available for a variety of passenger sizes and missions. With Gold Aviation the whole process of chartering an aircraft is simple and meant to get you in the air as soon as possible. Contact one of our charter specialists here for assistance in booking the right aircraft.

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