November 24th, 2020

Why The Embraer Phenom 300 Is Our Most Popular Jet

One of our most popular jet options is the Embraer Phenom 300. It is a twin-engine light business jet that was first introduced in 2009. A light jet is one that is typically under 20,000 pounds at max takeoff weight. Light jets usually seat between 5-8 passengers with flight ranges around 1,500-2000 miles. 

These types of business jets cruise around 400-450 miles per hour and are able to land on shorter runways, giving access to smaller, less crowded airports. Some jets that are considered light are the Embraer Phenom 100 & 300, the Cessna Citation Ultra, and Learjet 45. We provide each of these jets options.

The Embraer Phenom 300 has proved to be very popular when compared to other light jets. With over 500 already delivered worldwide, it has been the best-selling light business jet for 7 years in a row. Its use of advanced avionics, automation, and composite material has made it very efficient and versatile. 

Only one crew member is required to fly the Phenom 300 adding an extra seat for a passenger. In total, 8 passengers can be carried in the generously spacious Phenom 300. The Phenom 300 is the newest design when compared with our Citation Ultra and Learjet 45.

Our Phenom 300s can fly at 517 miles per hour as high as 45,000 feet. All while staying at a comfortable cabin altitude of 6,600 feet. The Phenom 300 can also travel 2010 nautical miles and requires just 3,209 feet to takeoff and 2,212 feet to land. This gives you the ability to land at some of the smallest private airports. 

Every aspect of the Phenom 300s interior is elegantly designed to give unparalleled space and connectivity. Each Phenom 300 offers a galley, a lavatory, and an entertainment system that allows you to stream video and audio through an HDMI port and Bluetooth. 

The Phenom 300 has a baggage compartment in the nose that holds 110 pounds and a rear compartment that holds 460 pounds. Additionally, the refreshment center holds 44 pounds and the lavatory holds 33 pounds. Plenty of room for luggage or golf clubs.

Consider the Phenom 300 as the next choice when deciding to charter. Its capability as the fastest, most efficient, and longest range single-pilot jet shows why it has had the spot as the best-selling light business jet for so many years. The spacious, comfortable, hi-tech, and elegant interior will prove to be a satisfying and unforgettable jet experience.

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