November 30th, 2020

Choose A Private Jet Charter This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, many are making travel plans. There are many factors to consider, especially when with COVID-19 and its global effect on travel. Getting to a holiday destination is already long, stressful, and tough, especially when flying commercial or out of the country.

Flying on a private aircraft offers a way to make travel plans simpler and more enjoyable. Flying privately is not only faster but also safer and more comfortable. Here are a few reasons why choosing a private jet charter provides a safer and more enjoyable way to travel with family for the holidays.

  1. On a commercial flight during the holiday season, passengers usually face long TSA screening lines, crowded airports, and miscellaneous mechanical delays. When traveling by private jet you have the ability to leave from smaller airports that require no TSA screening and are never crowded.
  2. Flying with people you know makes you feel more comfortable, is ideal for older travelers, and is safer during the current pandemic. Private jets are regularly cleaned and disinfected to ensure that protocols are followed. Learn more about Gold Aviation’s specific protocols here.
  3. You will arrive faster and closer to your end destination. Because private jets can land at smaller airports, more destinations can be reached outside of major airports. Ground transportation can also be arranged at your destination offering a bespoke experience. More peace of mind is attained through the detailed and flexible planning that Gold Aviation can provide.
  4. The flexible scheduling times allow you to leave whenever is most convenient for you, and from your nearest airport. This flexibility allows you to arrive at a time & location that is best for you and your group rather than having to wake up at 4 AM to arrive at a major crowded airport only to find that your flight is delayed. 
  5. The comfortable cabin of private jets will have you arrive well-rested and ready for the holiday plans upon arrival. The excellent interiors of private jets offer unmatched comfort. The seats are spacious and can often lay back fully. Galleys or small refreshment centers are onboard and allow catering to be enjoyed. Many also include a lavatory. Onboard entertainment systems also allow passengers to watch their own entertainment. 

Imagine flying to your holiday destination safely, faster, in better comfort, and your favorite family holiday movie being played. There is no better way to start the holiday season.

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