October 13th, 2022

Why Fly Private During the Holidays?

As the holiday season approaches once again, many travelers are considering where they will spend the holiday season and how best to get there. While flying commercial is a common choice, for some it definitely is not the optimum choice. Flying on a private aircraft is a simpler and more enjoyable traveling experience. Flying privately is not only more comfortable, but also more secure, safer and incredibly faster. Here are four reasons why flying private during the holidays can be the best choice.

  1. Flexibility – Flexible scheduling times allow you to leave whenever you would like from wherever you would like. No more rushing through TSA lines and walking long distances to get to your gate. You are also far less likely to experience flight delays when flying private. There are not many things worse than waking up at 5:00am to catch an airline flight, only to find that your flight is delayed or canceled. 
  2. Access to More Airports – You can depart from and land at smaller airports closer to your point of origin and destination. Private aircraft typically use less runway than large commercial airliners and also require less infrastructure. This allows private aircraft to utilize more convenient, less busy airports with private terminals. No security screening is required and private terminals are never crowded.
  3. Cabin Comfort – The excellent interiors of private aircraft offer unmatched comfort. The seats are spacious and lay back fully. Galleys or small refreshment centers are onboard and catering can be requested. Onboard entertainment systems also allow you to watch your own entertainment while on the way to your favorite holiday destination. Furthermore, private aircraft are cleaned more regularly than airliners.
  4. Security – Our charter specialists understand that some travelers like to be discreet and expect a high level of discretion when flying private. Flying private allows you to choose the people you feel most comfortable flying with. Additionally, since private jets can land at smaller airports and access more private terminals, ground transportation can also be arranged at your destination directly from the aircraft door. This gives you a more secure and efficient  experience. 

Our travelers typically have higher peace of mind as a result of the detailed and flexible planning that we provide. You can fly to your favorite holiday destination with your family safely, faster and in better comfort. Lets not forget that catering can be requested if you are hungry! Contact our charter specialist today to plan your holiday trip.

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