March 1st, 2021

Traveling To The Islands? Here Is Why The Pilatus PC-12 is a Good Choice

Spring and summer are fast approaching thus making travel to the islands more appealing. Some of our more popular spring and summer destinations are Key West and The Bahamas, more specifically Nassau, Abaco, North Eleuthera and the Exuma Cays. A great aircraft choice for these destinations is the Pilatus PC-12

The PC-12 is a highly versatile Swiss jetprop that has claimed the coveted spot of best-selling jetprop in its class for many years. Since its introduction in 1994 its large cabin, high speeds, oversized cargo door and ability to take off and land from short runways has made it a reliable and flexible choice for the discerning traveler. Over 1,700 PC-12s have been built and have found success in all parts of the world especially in areas with short runways. This essentially makes the PC-12 the perfect aircraft for the islands. 

In addition to its performance features, the PC-12 boasts a fully enclosed flushing lavatory and a flat floor in the cabin in contrast to many other aircraft that have the center aisle dropped. This removes the awkward step that passengers have to take to get in their seats. Also, the PC-12’s large cargo door not only allows you to load huge items like bicycles and oversized bags but that baggage area is also accessible from inside the cabin. Our PC-12s can carry 8 passengers in comfort and are able to land and take off on runways less than 2,800 feet with ease. It has a capable range of 1,765 nautical miles and an impressive speed of 290 miles per hour. This is perfect for the short distances to Key West and The Bahamas.

The design of the PC-12 allows a relatively low operating cost which translates to the passenger. Those who fly as a passenger on the PC-12 get exceptional value for the acquisition costs or charter price. The Pilatus PC-12 is perhaps the most versatile jetprop available and is often compared to a high-performance SUV and is considered the airplane version of a swiss army knife. Contact us to learn more about the Pilatus PC-12. It will be the ideal choice for your next trip to the islands!

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