May 31st, 2022

Picking the Right Private Jet For the Mission

Traveling privately offers unparalleled flexibility, comfort and security. You can go to destinations airlines can not and travel whenever you want from private terminals. With this level of service, most people wonder what is the most cost-effective option when traveling privately. 

One may think a small single-engine Cessna may be most cost-effective when in reality it is not a practical choice due to its lack of comfort, slow speed and limited range which would potentially require many fuel stops. It is best to pick the private plane that best suits the mission. The number of passengers and distance to destination are the main factors that would determine which selection of aircraft will be best. Here are a few examples that show how the number of passengers and destination determine which luxury private jet should be chosen:

Example #1 – 8 Passengers going to The Bahamas

In an example such as this, a Pilatus PC-12 or Cessna Grand Caravan may be the best choice. Fort Lauderdale to The Bahamas is a short distance and usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour in a PC-12 or Caravan. Furthermore, they are highly cost-effective, reliable and comfortable aircraft.

Example #2 – 4 Passengers going to The Bahamas

Similar to the first example, the distance is quite short. The same aircraft can be used as in the first example or even something a bit smaller such as the King Air 90. The King Air 90 is a highly versatile twin-engine prop jet that combines high performance and comfort.

Example #3 – 8 Passengers going from Fort Lauderdale to Denver

This is a much longer trip, close to 1700 miles. A super mid-size private jet would be best. Jets like the Legacy 500, Challenger 300 and Citation X can perform this mission with ease and comfort. They all have lavatories and some have couches that enable passengers to lay down and rest on the flight as well as provide additional sitting space.

Example #4 – 4 Passengers going from Fort Lauderdale to Denver

Whilst this example is the same distance as the one above, a light or mid-size private jet with a smaller passenger count would handle this mission quite well. An Embraer Phenom 300, Learjet 45 or 60, and the Hawker 800XP would be ideal choices. One fuel stop may be required in a light jet, whilst in a mid-size no stops would be required.  

Gold Aviation has a wide selection of luxury private jets to suit any mission as well as empty leg deals that offer huge value to our customers. Our wide range of options enables you to select the most cost-effective, fastest and most comfortable option for your itinerary. Our charter coordinators go above and beyond to provide you with full details and answer any questions to ensure that you make the best aircraft choice.

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