July 20th, 2021

Taking Advantage Of Empty Legs

What Are Empty Legs?

Flying privately offers many advantages. It is more comfortable, faster, safer and often puts you closer to your final destination. Empty leg private flights take it a step further by offering a more cost effective way to fly private. Empty legs are essentially flights that are scheduled without any passengers. This usually happens when an aircraft is returning to its home base or has to be repositioned for another flight. As a result, the aircraft type, departure time and destination will already be pre-established. They are sometimes known as repositioning flights or dead-heads. 

How Are Empty Legs Different?

There are a few characteristics that make empty leg flights different. Often, the itinerary of an empty leg flight will not be known until close to its departure date. Also, these types of flights tend to be more limited and not as flexible as a typical chartered flight. On a regular chartered flight, the schedule is flexible around you. With an empty leg flight, the aircraft will be leaving at its pre-established time regardless. On the other hand, the level of comfort and speed is the same as a regular chartered flight. You will still arrive relaxed, refreshed and in a timely manner.

How Empty Legs Save You Money

Empty legs are also highly discounted. Depending on the flight, the price may be discounted up to 50%. If your schedule is flexible an empty leg flight can potentially be the perfect choice. Similar to regular charters, an empty leg itinerary will show the type of aircraft. However, empty leg flights are not as assured as a regular flight. This is also another reason why the price is more discounted. Since private flights are already offered at a premium, making use of the discount can prove highly advantageous. 

If you have a flexible schedule, an empty leg flight may be the best choice for you. Empty legs are usually not posted until the last minute, but are the perfect choice if you are looking for a more affordable way to fly privately. Typically, finding the right empty leg deals would be difficult. However, we have made it easier with our listing that shows you all available empty legs and their aircraft type. If you are interested in booking an empty leg itinerary visit our empty legs and specials page where dozens of aircraft and city pair deals are available.

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