August 9th, 2023

Gold Aviation Announces Leonard Goldberg as New President of EO South Florida Chapter

Gold Aviation, a leading aviation company renowned for its commitment to excellence, is proud to announce Leonard’s appointment as the new President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) South Florida Chapter. Leonard, who will serve in a volunteer capacity, brings a wealth of experience and visionary leadership to his new role, and Gold Aviation is thrilled to have him lead the esteemed organization’s efforts in the region.


The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a global network of successful entrepreneurs who come together to share their experiences, ideas, and support each other in their personal and professional growth. With over 14,000 members across 65 countries, EO fosters an exclusive community that empowers entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and create positive change in their businesses and communities.


Leonard’s selection as the President of EO South Florida Chapter marks a significant milestone in both his career and Gold Aviation’s commitment to making a positive impact on the local business landscape. As an accomplished entrepreneur and a driving force behind Gold Aviation’s success, Leonard is perfectly positioned to inspire and guide fellow entrepreneurs in South Florida.


“We are delighted to see Leonard take on this prestigious role as President of the EO South Florida Chapter,” said Lil Roberts, Incumbent EO South Florida Chapter President. “His dedication, innovative thinking, and passion for entrepreneurship have been instrumental in shaping Gold Aviation’s success. We have no doubt that Leonard will excel in this new position, bringing great value to the EO community and contributing to the growth and prosperity of entrepreneurs in the region.”


In his new volunteer role, Leonard will oversee a wide range of strategic initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration, education, and personal growth within the EO South Florida Chapter. Through a series of engaging events, seminars, and networking opportunities, Leonard and the EO team will work tirelessly to empower entrepreneurs, fuel their ambitions, and drive lasting positive change.


“I am honored and excited to serve as the new President of the EO South Florida Chapter,” Leonard shared. “The Entrepreneurs’ Organization has been a profound source of inspiration and support throughout my entrepreneurial journey. I look forward to working with our members to create an even more vibrant community, where we can collectively learn, grow, and thrive.”


Gold Aviation, with its core values of excellence, innovation, and customer-centric approach, is committed to supporting Leonard in his new leadership role within EO South Florida Chapter. The company believes that his contributions will further elevate the business landscape and inspire budding entrepreneurs in the region.


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