March 24th, 2014

5 Reasons you should fly private

Travelers often wonder what the advantages are of flying on a private jet in comparison to flying on a commercial airline. While private aircraft accommodations are synonymous with opulence, the true benefits of flying with a private aircraft are convenience, efficiency, stress reduction, privacy and flexibility.


One of the greatest things about flying on a private charter is convenience. With over 5,000 airports in the U.S., compared to 500 airports for larger commercial flights, our guests can avoid the distraction of flying out of busy airport hubs. Our clients who reside near a smaller, general aviation airport can depart directly from their point of origin, thus, eluding the dense traffic that is found at larger airports. This allows us to land you closer to your true destination.
Furthermore, our private jets feature less restrictions than commercial flights. For instance, our clients care able to travel with any of their special belongings such as musical instruments, liquids of any kind, sports gear, and pets (if flying domestically).


Efficiency and timeliness are the most significant reasons for flying private aircrafts. Often times, we can have an aircraft ready in a few hours. Our clients can arrive at the airport minutes before their scheduled departure time instead of the lengthy two hours required at most commercial airports. Because private air charters circumnavigate the hub-and-spoke system used by the major airlines, our flights require no layovers, taking clients directly to their destination. This saves time, and allows for more productive use of onboard time, while allowing guests to avoid potential overnight stays or extensive lines at the airport.

Stress Reduction

Gold Aviation can greatly reduce your anxieties of traveling. Flying on our private airline saves our guests the grievances of exasperating security lines, X-ray machines, or the removal of clothing. Additionally, our clients can seek comfort in knowing that they will never experience flight transfers or delays or lost, stolen, or damaged luggage.


Furthermore, flying with Gold Aviation ensures confidentiality. Our clients are able to conduct business meetings as well as make productive use of their time without being interrupted or disturbed. Traveling on our private aircraft helps to preserve the secrecy around your important negotiations and deals. Moreover, many of our aircrafts, such as our Phenom series, are equipped with laptop connections, cabin phones, entertainment systems, and satellite radio.


The amount of flexibility attained with flying our private aircraft is unparalleled. As mentioned previously, our private charters can be available at a few hours’ notice and will wait for guests who are running behind. Also, our flexibility connotes that our clients can visit multiple destinations in one day, alter flight times, and make plan adjustments mid-flight if necessary.

Whether you are planning an exotic escape to the Caribbean, making a weekend getaway to the Keys, or traveling for business, Gold Aviation can fly you to your destination quickly, conveniently and worry-free.

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