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Private Luxury Jet Charter

Private Luxury Jet Charter

Our highly trained and experienced charter coordinators can accommodate any flight need. Gold Aviation operates luxurious jets and turbo prop aircraft all over the United States, Canada and Caribbean. Experience the Difference with Gold Aviation Private Luxury Jet Charter.

Embraer Phenom Private Jet Charter

Embraer Phenom Private Jet Charter

We are currently one of few charter operators of the Embraer Phenom series jet aircraft. Charter the Embraer Phenom and experience a true boutique operator focused on exceeding customer expectations. Click below and view more info on the Embraer Phenom.

Lets Take Off

With our custom-designed private jet charters you can travel at your own pace, with your own schedule. Take advantage of our world class service, in-flight catering and VIP treatment for the ultimate luxury travel experience. Why fly commercial when you can jet to your destination?

With the highest dedication to customer service, we provide the highest standards of safety, efficiency and discretion in air travel. Our expert flight coordinators are ready to accommodate your every need – from initial booking to final passport stamp, we ensure your trip is flawless. Where do you want to fly to today?

See the World - For Business or Pleasure Private Jet Charter Flights
See the World - For Business or Pleasure. Experience the Difference with Gold Aviation
Options Available For Charter
Take a Flight – Luxury Jet Charter

Take a Flight – Luxury Jet Charter

Whether it’s that long distant luxurious vacation or the short day trip for a meeting and back; we look forward to the opportunity to accommodate your travel needs. We are a true boutique operator focused on exceeding customer expectations. Experience Private Luxury Jet Charter today.

Aircraft that will accommodate your specific need.
Click below to view all the aircraft available for charter.

Charter Piston & Turbo Prop Planes

Piston & Turbo Prop Plane Charter

Prop options are great for the shorter hops; whether it’s the day trip to the business meeting across the state or the family vacation over to a short runway for a tropical getaway in the Bahamas. A turbo-prop or piston aircraft has a passenger range anywhere from 6-9 passengers for a shorter ranged trip around 1,000 miles. Access to airfields that are off limits to larger aircraft, allowing more flexibility in your private luxury jet charter travel plans.

Charter Light Sized Jets

Light Size Jet Charter

Light jets have been considered a staple of the business jet industry since the advent of the Learjet 23 in the early 1960s. Light jets provide access to smaller airports and have the speed to be an effective air travel tool. Light jets fly at higher altitudes and feature pressurized cabins with seating for 5-8 passengers. Light jets cruising speeds are normally 400-560 mph with an average non-stop range of 1,500 miles per flight, excellent for private jet charter.

Charter Private Mid Size Jets

Mid Size Jet Charter

Mid-Sized aircraft are suitable for longer-range travel, such as transcontinental flights and for travel with larger passenger capacity requirements of  up to 7 or 8 passengers. Mid-Sized jets offer ample space to move around the cabin freely during flight and also feature an onboard lavatory. Mid-Sized aircraft have a flight range of around 2,500 miles per flight. These Mid-Sized aircraft are used primarily, but not limited, to trips between 4 to 5 hours in flight duration. Perfect for private jet charter.

Charter Private Super Mid Size Jets

Super Mid Size Jet Charter

Super mid-size jets feature wide-body cabin space, high-altitude capability, speed, and ultra-long range. Combining transatlantic capability with the speed and comfort of a wide-body, high-altitude aircraft. Providing more space and fuel capacity, Supermid jets hold 8-10 passengers comfortably, a average cruising speed of 490-590 mph and non-stop range of 3,400-3,600 miles. Supermid jets can fly at 51,000 feet, avoiding commercial traffic and inclement weather.

Charter Private Large-Cabin Jets

Large-Cabin Jet Charter

Large-Cabin Jets, Cabin Class, or Heavy Jets, are the best option for long international trips or luxurious transcontinental journeys. Most heavy jets can accommodate anywhere between 9-16 passengers and have the option for: a flight attendant, full sized enclosed lavatory, audio/video entertainment systems, and full hot galleys for in-flight catering. The most popular reasons to use business jets with exceptionally long ranges remain: time, security, and quality of life.


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Absolutely the best customer service i’ve had dealing with a private luxury jet charter company!
Stacey West Palm Beach
One of the best private jet charter experiences i’ve ever had!  I’ll be using Gold again!
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This is definitely the way to fly.  I didn’t realize traveling could be so trouble-free!
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A friend referred me to Gold Aviation, and I will only be using them for my luxury private jet charter needs from now on!
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