Learjet60 Best Private Jet Charter Florida Luxury Flights
7 Passenger Seats

The Learjet 60 XR aircraft can handle your business travel with ease, while thrilling you with the fastest time-to-climb in its extra-light class. With the efficiency and low operating costs that make it part of the Learjet business aircraft family, this aircraft can cruise above traffic and turbulence, connecting travelers to their destinations more quickly.

The aircraft’s elegantly appointed interior allows you to stand up or stretch out in a generous cabin space that is far more comfortable than any office chair back on the ground. The Learjet 60 is a mid-size cabin, medium-range business jet aircraft manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. The Learjet 60 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada 305A engines.

Learjet 60 Best Private Jet Charter Florida Luxury Flights
  • Cabin: 17’8″L x 5’9″H x 6’0″W
  • Galley | Refreshment Center
  • Total Baggage Space: 48 ft³
  • Lavatory

Aircraft Distance And Speed Comparison

Range: 2,186 Nautical Miles
Top Speed: 522 mph (453 Knots)
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Need to get away quickly?  The Learjet 60 is famous for its time-to-climb performance, climbing to 41,000 feet in just 18.5 minutes.

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