8 Passenger Seats

The Bombardier Learjet 45 is Learjet’s latest entry into the medium size corporate jet market. The 45 is of classic Learjet design and layout. However a number of key design changes were made early into the 45’s design life including a larger fin and rudder, extended engine pylons, smaller delta fins, full span elevators, and single piece flaps.

In October 1963, the first Learjet aircraft rocketed through the sky and the business jet industry was born. Now, 50 years young, the world’s first family of business jets is still in the lead. Their unmatched styling, unrivaled performance and innovative technologies continue to inspire new generations of leaders around the world. This is fifty years of passionate leadership. This is fifty years of transforming flight. This is Learjet.

  • Cabin: 19’9″L x 4’3″H x 5’2″W
  • Galley | Refreshment Center
  • Total Baggage Space: 65 ft³
  • Lavatory

Aircraft Distance And Speed Comparison

Range: 1,710 Nautical Miles
Top Speed: 533 mph (463 Knots)
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