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Empty Leg Jet Charters

One ways and ’empty legs’ are usually aircraft re-positioning legs or non-passenger carrying flight segments. They are mainly used to position an aircraft for its next passenger jet charter. Hundreds of these segments fly passenger-less daily; some flights may only be going across the state while others are positioning across the country. Who are we to decide these empty one-way jet charters aren’t going exactly where you want to go?!  These options can usually be purchased at a quarter or even half the normal jet charter rate! While their availability and schedules vary, you now have the ability to enter your preferred routing and be notified once your desired trip becomes available. Check below and start saving on these special deals today! Special Deals and empty leg listings are NOT scheduled flights. All times and locations are negotiable.

One Way Route Alerting - Set your frequented routes and be notified when they become available
Current One-Ways