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Citation Sovereign

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8 Passenger Seats

Improving on greatness is what we do best. With upgraded avionics, an all new interior, enhanced technology, and better performance, the Cessna Citation Sovereign answers the call of today’s business leaders and what they want in a corporate jet.  Get the visionary midsize jet for visionary travelers.

The all-new cabin features an environmental control system, which produces better cooling. The interior of the Sovereign also offers an improved seat design with recessed armrests to widen the aisle. New passenger seats provide maximum comfort and precise ergonomics. With a design that conforms to the body, armrests that fold completely out of the way, and optional lumbar supports and footrests, you’ll find your travels relaxing and enjoyable. Through the ClairityTM, touch screen system control of cabin lighting, window shades, temperature control, audio entertainment with an individual interactive moving map is at your finger tips. WiFi connectivity to a personal electronic device for your entertainment needs is also available.

Citation Sovereign Best Private Jet Charter Florida Luxury Flights
  • Cabin: 25’4″L x 5’8″H x 5’6″W
  • Galley | Refreshment Center
  • Total Baggage Space: 135 ft³
  • Lavatory

Aircraft Distance And Speed Comparison

Range: 2,847 Nautical Miles
Top Speed: 527 mph (458 Knots)
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Need to get away quickly?  the Citation Sovereign can climb directly to 45,000 feet and cruise for up to 3,000 miles, in comfort and style.

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